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YCL Speakers

Dr. Scott Mesh

Director, Young Child Learning

Dr. Mesh, a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience, is the CEO of Los Niños Services and Director of Young Child Learning. He is the author of "Early Childhood Assessment: A Practical Guide to Psychological and Developmental Evaluations in the Early Intervention Program." Dr. Mesh has been working with young children and families since 1999. He coaches educational leaders, staff, and organizations in growth, leadership, culture building, hiring/retention, and is a consultant for

Website: | LinkedIn:  Scott Mesh | Email: [email protected]

Sharon Burnett

Founder, CelebrateSEL

Sharon Burnett, with extensive expertise in early childhood education, pioneers innovative curriculum solutions. Founder of Friendship Developmental Learning Center, she empowers educators globally with tailored programs for Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. Her company, CELEBRATE Successful Early Learning, offers dynamic big books, digital e-Stories, and music, prioritizing FUN and SUCCESS. Sharon collaborates with school districts, Head Start agencies, and Child Care organizations to enhance best practices, enriching the foundational years for our youngest learners.
Website: | LinkedIn: Sharon Burnett | Email: [email protected] 

Dina David

Senior Associate Faculty, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Dina is a seasoned communication scholar and educator, brings over two decades of expertise to her role as Senior Associate Faculty at IUPUI's Communication department. With a Bachelor's Degree in English Linguistics and Literature and a Master's in Telecommunication Arts, she offers innovative courses in communication theory, speech, cross-cultural communication, and global communication strategies. Her engaging teaching style inspires critical thinking and creativity, fostering diversity and intercultural understanding in today’s interconnected world.
Email: [email protected] 

Sheneatha Frison

School Outreach Coordinator, Brooklyn Public Library

Sheneatha Frison, an accomplished singer, actor, songwriter and educator, provides impactful programs for children and storytelling and early literacy training for adults. With over 15 years of school outreach experience, she collaborates with the Brooklyn Public Library as a co-producer and co-host on a podcast and children's video series. Sheneatha's engaging workshops empower educators and caregivers with tools to build strong reading foundations for children, using a fun and humorous approach. Her expertise spans performance and early childhood development.
LinkedIn: Sheneatha Frison | Email: [email protected]

Diane Goyette

Founder, Early Childhood Specialties LLC

Diane Goyette is a Child Development Specialist, Trainer, Consultant, and Speaker with over 35 years of experience in early childhood education.  As owner of Early Childhood Specialties, she is on a mission to support the adults who care for and teach young children, offering keynotes, training and consulting, and children’s presentations and products.  She is passionate about building adults’ emotional intelligence and supporting children's social-emotional development, especially for those who exhibit challenging behaviors.

Website: | LinkedIn: Diane Goyette | Email: [email protected]

Constant Hine

Founder, Horizons In Learning LLC

With over 40 years of experience in early childhood education, Constant Hine excels as a teacher, coach, consultant, keynote speaker, and author. Holding an MA in Teaching/ECE from Nova University, FL, she founded Horizons In Learning LLC. Based in Denver, Constant specializes in transformational coaching, leadership, and resilience. Her expertise lies in embedding reflective practices for sustaining resilience and fostering deep, sustainable change. Her latest book, "Daily Reflections for Educators, Coaches, Leaders, and Life" (Redleaf Press, 2024), equips change agents across fields with self-awareness and mindful decision-making skills.
Website: |  LinkedIn: Constant Hine |  Email: [email protected] 

Tommaso Lana

Founder, Embodied Learning

Tommaso specializes in emphasizing sensory perception, movement, and imagination in young children's learning experiences. With expertise in experiential pedagogy, psychomotor education, and kinesthetic didactics, he offers workshops for educators to explore supporting, observing, and assessing child-centered learning in their classrooms. Tommaso mentors schools and organization leaders, helping them adopt innovative approaches and curricula to meet children's evolving and challenging needs. His "Embodied Learning" PD programs focus on acknowledging learning as a cognitive, physical, and emotional act.

Website: |  LinkedIn: Tommaso Lana | Email: [email protected]

Sue Lawrence

Psychology Professor, Ursinus College

Sue Lawrence, an experienced psychology instructor with expertise in trauma, loss, and grief, leads student research groups focusing on childhood bereavement and school support services. Her work has been presented at ADEC and APA conferences. She authored books like "The Grieving Child in the Classroom" and founded the nonprofit Traces of Love Association, offering grief support services and educational programs in the community.
Website: | LinkedIn: Sue Lawrence |  Email: [email protected] 

Monica Levy

Founder, LeapSmart

Monica develops programs integrating intellect, creativity, and emotional awareness for preschoolers. Her Leapsmart programs have been enjoyed by thousands of children in New York, Boston, and Connecticut. A certified NYSAEYC trainer since 2013, Monica presents on integrating movement into classrooms and handling challenging behaviors. As an educational consultant, she coaches educators on maximizing learning and engagement. Monica also delivers keynote speeches and coaches educators in CLASS best practices.
Website: | LinkedIn: Monica Levy | Email: [email protected]

Dawn Mastoridis

Director, Queens Community House

Dawn has 25 years of leadership experience; she began her career directing Early Intervention Programs then went on to direct ACCES-VR funded programs. At QCCN, Dawn manages 80+ licensed family-based childcare providers, overseeing NYC DOE EarlyLearn and 3K services. She also serves as a Parent Trainer and Behavior Interventionist for Blue Sea Educational Consulting. Dawn offers private consulting on contract applications, program development, marketing, recruitment, training, grant writing, RFPs, compliance, policies, and corrective action plans.
Websites: | LinkedIn: Dawn Mastoridis
Emails:    [email protected][email protected]

Karen Nemeth

Founder, Language Castle LLC 

Karen is a leading expert in early childhood education, specializing in supporting multilingual learners. With over a dozen published books and numerous articles, her expertise encompasses a deep understanding of effective strategies for teaching young multilingual children. She has played pivotal roles in national organizations like NAEYC and NABE, advocating for the needs of diverse learners. Karen's dynamic presentations, both nationally and internationally, showcase her wealth of knowledge and passion for empowering educators in this critical field.
Website: | LinkedIn: Karen Nemeth | Email: [email protected] 

Dr. Patty O’ Grady

Professor (Retired), University of Tampa

Dr. Patty O’Grady, with a dual Ph.D. in developmental psychology/special education from the University of Maryland College Park, boasts over 50 years of expertise as an educator, psychologist, and researcher. Her acclaimed work, "Positive Psychology in the Elementary Classroom," and numerous publications attest to her authority. Specializing in the neuroscience of positive psychology, Dr. O’Grady offers training and consultation globally, emphasizing whole child development. Her services cater to individuals, schools, districts, and non-profit agencies, facilitating the integration of positive psychology principles into educational practices.
Website: Pscyhology Today | LinkedIn: Patty O' Grady | Email: [email protected]

Brandie Rosen

Founder, Teaching Untangled

Brandie Rosen, a seasoned educator with 30 years of experience, excels in training teachers nationally and internationally. She specializes in classroom management, social skills, behavior interventions, IEP development, and fostering collaborative school-wide teams. Brandie's expertise has led to award-winning district-wide programs and the mentorship of thousands of teachers. She is dedicated to coaching and supporting educators to create classrooms that fulfill their dreams.

Website: | LinkedIn: Brandie Rosen | Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Samboy

Service Coordination Supervisor, Los Niños Services

Jennifer Samboy, LMSW, supervises the Service Coordination Department at Los Niños Services, overseeing 20 coordinators serving 800 families. With over 10 years in the Early Intervention Program, she specializes in autism and special needs. Bilingual in Spanish and based in NYC, Jennifer excels in guiding families through special needs evaluations and services. Her expertise with young parents, immigrants, and domestic violence survivors has contributed to Los Niños winning multiple Best Place to Work awards.
LinkedIn: Jennifer Samboy | Email Address: [email protected]

Cindy Terebush

Early Childhood Education Consultant,

Cindy Terebush is a professional development facilitator and keynote speaker known nationwide for her expertise in early childhood education, particularly in providing practical strategies for teachers and caregivers. As an Early Childhood Specialist and educational consultant, she offers invaluable insights into effective teaching methods. Cindy authored "Teach the Whole Preschooler" and co-hosts the podcast "How Preschool Teachers Do It." She also instructs college courses and provides specialized services for The Institute for Families at Rutgers School of Social Work, emphasizing her commitment to advancing the field.
Website: | LinkedIn: Cindy Terebush | Email: [email protected]